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5:52 pm - Sun, Apr 1, 2012
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Season 1 now on Netflix!

This isn’t a joke! The first season of Friendship is Magic is now on Netflix!

Netflix is a great (legal) alternative to buying episodes off of iTunes. It costs $7.99/month to stream episodes and an additional $7.99/month to have one DVD out at a time.

Netflix needs the Microsoft Silverlight plugin to run, which doesn’t run on Linux systems (except Android). There’s also no native support for iTunes on Linux, though there’s workarounds, so there’s no real legal way to watch MLP on Linux distros short of buying the DVDs.


12:49 pm - Tue, Mar 27, 2012
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These are leaked images from the Chinese site Taobao, found by various people on the MLP Arena. Source has links.

Our first image is a a playful pony Princess Luna. This is the first look at Luna in this alicorn mold, which has only been used so far with the soon to be released Princess Cadence. This is most likely a prototype from Hasbro’s factory, but many prototypes found this way eventually make it to market. We’ll definitely keep our eyes out for this!

Next images are Cherry Berry, Lemonhearts, Lyra, and Trixie, playful ponies that are going to be released within the near future. They will be royal wedding guests as well as Toys ‘R Us exclusives for bronies.

The next is a hard mold of Nightmare Moon, which is also being released in the TRU exclusive set. She seems to be an unfinished prototype, as her body is not painted.

The final image is a playful pony pegasus by the name of “Sunny Rays.” She has a wave 5 blind bag, but otherwise is not seen in the show or in other official merchandise.



9:43 am - Sun, Mar 25, 2012
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Full season on DVD, but there’s a catch

Finding episodes of Friendship is Magic on DVD has been tricky, to say the least. The Ticket Master is packaged with some playful ponies, and only two DVDs have been released, each with only a few episodes.

Full box sets of a show’s entire season are expensive to produce and buy, but the brony community has been clamoring for them. It seems that someone over at Hasbro has listened, for a full box set is going to be released!

This set is going to be in Region 4 format, which means that it will only play on certain devices. Region 4 includes much of South America and Oceania. If you want more on the technicality of regions and what areas are included in Region 4, you can read up on it on Wikipedia.

The DVDs will not be released as one large set. Each DVD will need to be purchased seperatly, and they will be released seperatly. They’re priced at $19.97 on and have a run time of 132 minutes, which translates into 6 22 minute episodes.

There’s also a box that is packaged with the first disc, which is on sale for $29.97. The box is large enough to hold the other discs. 

Discs 1, 2 and the box are up for pre-order and are slated for release on June 20, 2012.



10:42 am - Sat, Mar 24, 2012
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Blindbags: Updated numbers!

An earlier post here discussed the wave 1 blind bags that are currently in America can be “cracked” using a code that was imprinted on the packaging. It seems that Hasbro has updated the codes on the packaging. Joseph from the Gulf Coast Brony group on Facebook alerted Equestria Daily, who wrote a post about it here

This picture, from the EqD post, shows that the code is much longer, and now on the side of the seal of the bag. The codes and the pony they belong to, are below:

20415 - Pinkie Pie
20425 - Applejack
20435 - Rainbow Dash
20445 - Rarity
20455 - Twilight Sparkle
20465 - Fluttershy
20475 - Sugar Grape
20485 - Lily Blossom
20495 - Minty
21405 - Bumblesweet
21415 - Fizzy Pop
21425 - Flower Wishes
21435 - Roseluck
21445 - Sweetie Blue
21455 - Pepperdance
21465 - Lemon Hearts
21475 - Cherry Spices
21485 - Sweetie Swirl
21495 - Lucky Swirl
22405 - Sweetcream Scoops
22415 - Firecracker Burst
22425 - Pinkie Pie (Special Edition)
22435 - Twilight Sparkle (Special Edition)
22445 - Rainbow Dash (Special Edition)

The cards that come with the pony still have the old codes on them. 


4:12 pm - Thu, Mar 22, 2012
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What toy is for you?

There’s a wide range of g4 ponies on the market, and several different molds, models, sizes, and of course, prices. This post will go over the different toys on the market, along with the pros and cons.

The basic toy is known as the playful pony. They stand 3.5” tall and are usually sold for $5. They’re available in pegasus, unicorn and Earth pony molds. The heads twist and there is a peg hole in the left forehoof so ponies can interact with vehicles and play sets.

A single playful pony comes with a pony, a comb, an animal friend, and a saddle or a wagon. The saddle clips onto the back, which would not work for a pegasus, hence the wagon. Newer playful pony singles have different accessories, and some packages include a mini-DVD featuring an episode from the show. These are also the ponies that come in play sets, which each have their own range of accessories and prices.

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10:24 pm - Mon, Mar 12, 2012


This blog is going to cover the current generation of My Little Pony toys and merchandise. This blog will include news and reviews of new merchandise.

You’ll see my first post tomorrow. Until then, here’s a sneak peek.


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