12:30 pm - Sat, Aug 2, 2014
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Q: Are you bummed out that Onlyfactory has stopped making MLP plushies? My Queen Chrysalis got shipped yesterday and I'm just finding out about this copyright mess.

Honestly, I’m not surprised this happened. They were obviously bootleg, and there was a ton of press about it, so Hasbro was going ro know.

Generally you shouldn’t buy bootleg stuff since it hurts the companies that own the ip.


9:44 am - Thu, Jul 3, 2014
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Q: Hey, Ossie from All About MLP Merch here! I feel sorry for the message you received from the anonymous person, I'd like to let you know that it was not our intention to 'kill' other blogs! As I've read on your blog you won't continue (activily), but I understand the reasons. Please just ignore the negative message you received from anon and keep doing what you love! And don't delete the blog. Ever. It will mess with the space-time contiuum and create black holes in the internets! - Ossie


10:37 pm - Wed, Jul 2, 2014
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Q: you really could/should just delete. mlp-merch has everything pretty much covered, no need for this blog anymore..

Anon also said: i mean, this blog is pretty dead and I noticed it long before you even posted that update. no offense but its kinda pointless to even keep it active when mlp-merch pretty much covers all new releases. there’s also the mlparena which has members post things long before this blog ever has. just sayin…

There’s still plenty of information that people are googling and using as reference on this site, as well as posts they have in their likes to come back to at a future date. Why should I remove a site that costs me no money to keep up and people are still using?

If you have negative feedback to give a site, at least be corteous enough to not say it through anonymous. I’m sure you wouldn’t want people to tell you to delete your blog, so please don’t do that to other people.


11:08 am - Fri, May 30, 2014
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Looking For a Writer to Take Over this blog!

As you all have probably noticed, this blog has been pretty dead. This is because I moved from New England to San Francisco and started up a full-time job, which means being a real adult with going to bed early, waking up early, cooking dinner and cleaning the house, so I really don’t have the time to run this blog anymore.

This is where you come in! You’ll be writing posts for both this site and Derpy Hooves News (to which this tumblr is essentially reposting, with just minor formatting adjustments). I and the other editors will get you up to speed and help you improve your writing skills. You could even go to cons for free via press pass! 

We’d love to hear from you, so check out DHN’s hiring page for further instructions. 


4:09 pm - Fri, Apr 4, 2014
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Vilsco Electronics Concepts

vilsco-my-little-pony-bookmarks Bookmarks

All About MLP Merch found some wonderful pieces of concept art for licensed MLP products. We’re not sure if they’ll ever make it to market, but they’ve already presented about MLP with Hasbro, so it’s quite possible you could be seeing these in the future! Head on over the break for additional images.

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9:04 pm - Thu, Mar 27, 2014
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Q: when the new equestria girls dolls come out do you think that they would be out in about spring/summer of next year?

They’re probably going to come out shortly after the movie does, which will be out in theaters at some point this summer. They’ll definitely have the new wave of EqG toys everywhere by the Christmas shopping season.


9:03 pm
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Q: Do you know when the MLP McDonalds toys will rotate? Like say one week Twilight and Rarity come out, who will be the next week or something like that. Do you know from previous MLP McDonalds experiences how that would work?

OFFICIALLY they get two boxes per week: 2 boy toys and 2 girl toys. Second week they get another set of boxes with 2 more girl toys and 2 more boy toys. So on and so forth until the end of the promotion, then they do whatever toy line is next.

What usually ends up happening with pony though is that they get hit really hard and the managers end up ordering more toys so that they don’t run out. So they end up cycling through the 4 weeks of toys by the end of the second week.

So if you want to get every toy possible, go to really out of the way McDonald’s (like at truck stops), have a friend that works at McDonald’s grab some for you, or roughly every 2-3 days and say “get me whatever you have.”

Of course, the best time to go is during non-peak hours if you want them to dig through the toy box for you. So right at 11 when they serve lunch, 2pm-5pm and after 7pm. You don’t have to get a happy meal, you can buy a toy separately for about $1 a piece. But get some apple pies while you are they as they are delicious. And vaguely pony themed.


9:27 am - Wed, Mar 26, 2014
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Q: Will McDonald's toys only be offered in the States? Will restaurants in Canada offer them?

It depends on your individual country. Check out your country’s McDonald’s page to see if it says pony is coming soon! It’s possible that they’ll always just do it later in the year and it won’t be up there just yet, too.


8:55 pm - Tue, Mar 25, 2014
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Q: I emailed Hasbro asking if they could tell me the names of the new EqG dolls that have never been seen before and they responded saying that information on dolls might change before release and the information wasn't available? Does this mean that they wait until close to release to decide on a final name for their characters?

When you contact Hasbro for information, they can only tell you info that’s publicly available. Which is nothing so far! 

When they’re ready to officially announce it, they will. Unless you get a picture of official images for online retailers or an image of the finished product in packaging, there’s no way to know until then.


8:45 am
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Q: make a master-post of what you might be able to buy at walmart or target ( or any other stores ) mayhaps?

That would be extremely difficult to do! It all depends on what your local store does and has. My main store while at college had a G3.5 playset on clearance for more than a year. I’ve had people tell me that their main Walmart stopped carrying ponies all together because they just never sold. So even if I post what they SHOULD have, it probably won’t match your individual store, as each manager has different ideas as to what needs to be stocked and each area sells different stuff.

Stores might carry back stock of older toys for quite awhile, or they just don’t get around to ordering new stuff. But you can assume that they SHOULD carry the new stuff. Exclusives to a certain store tend to be a special toy line and I’ll post about that in the toy line page.


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